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Fruits are the source of many vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances that help you stay healthy. We provide a forest fruit mix, single berries, and fruit puree, all perfect to enhance your dessert ideas!

Fruit puree

La Fruitière produces high-quality purees in convenient packaging. With a wide variety of fruit to choose from, any dessert is made easy. All year long La Fruitière selects the best fruits, to ensure product consistency and quality to deliver natural great taste from orchards and fruit gardens.

Our frozen fruit purees have no added salt, sugar, flavor, color, or preservatives. A gentle steam-cooking process preserves the aromatic intensity and original colors of the fruits.

With a selection of more than 30 different fruits, you have multiple choices to answer your needs.

Forest mix fruit

Chestnuts peeled

Our frozen fruits are harvested in the best places in France. They are great to use for any desserts that require fruit. They are GMO-free, 100% natural, and contain no pesticides. These go well with our bakery products !

Our Fruits Unboxed

Many chefs dress up their desserts with our delicious fruit selection. Restaurants in the USA trust our product and like the quality and consistency of them. Adding fruits to a dessert always makes them look fresher and prettier!

Our Fruits Certification

Our wholesale fruits and fruit purees are GMO-free, contain no pesticides or additives, and are 100% natural and organic. We carefully select the providers with whom we work to ensure the quality and consistency of our products.

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