Our Fish Selection

Our fish comes straight from the best fishing grounds in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Our providers are the best in the business, and ensure our ability to deliver the highest quality traditional fish from those areas.
To meet our goal of sustainability we offer only authentic wild fish that fishers catch and handle with care and respect. Our range of natural Atlantic cod, anchovies, Dover sole, yellowfin tuna, and much more will delight your guests.

Yellowfin Tuna (CO2 gas free)

Our sushi-quality Mediterranean yellowfin tuna comes to you skinless, boneless, bloodline off, vacuum-packed, and CO2-free. We treat our yellowfin tuna with natural preservatives and antioxidants to retain and promote red color without using CO2.
The Mediterranean yellowfin tuna we offer is caught from long-line vessels and purse seines off the coast of Spain, and only from sustainable fisheries using the most natural methods possible.

Wild Day Boat Dover Sole

We offer delicious day boat French sole (solea), fished by small day boats off the shores of the Gulf of Gascogne (Biscay), on the French Atlantic coast. The Dover sole is fished and fresh-frozen the very same day. It comes in a single vacuum pack in order to preserve all its flavor, texture, and freshness.

We offer day boat Dover sole in several sizes.

Lightly Salted Codfish

Of the many species and varieties of codfish, the highest quality is the Gadus Morhua or Atlantic Cod. We offer you day boat Atlantic codfish from the cold Iceland waters in four different presentations: jumbo, loin, bombon and kokotxas.
Here you can find the traditional Basque recipe for kokotxas al Pil-Pil. For more delicious codfish recipes, you can check this page.

Whole Mediterranean Anchovies

We offer you whole anchovies from the Mediterranean Sea that are small in size and rich in flavor. They are also delicious! You can eat them whole, floured and fried, or filleted with olive oil, garlic, and parsley.

Mediterranean Anchovy Fillets in Oil

Once you try the taste of a premium anchovy you will wonder how you ever ate those salty, spiny, scratchy ones you find on pizza. Our anchovies are of the highest quality. We catch them between the months of April and June for the best flavor and texture. Whereas anchovies often taste like pure salt, ours are delicate, creamy, and melt in your mouth.

Anchovies are preserved for a minimum of eight months where temperature and humidity are closely monitored. Our anchovies are selected carefully for size and cleaned by hand as they go through a very strict quality control process.

Our Fish Selection Unboxed

This is how it looks when our best customers cook our high-quality fish selection. We are proud to bring to American plates some of the most prized specialty foods from the Mediterranean region. Our fish selection is all natural and fished in the most sustainable way as possible.

Our Fish Selection Certifications

Our main goal is to deliver food that has been fished using environmentally friendly techniques, that is high quality, and is wild and as natural as possible. Our fish selection has certifications that support our mission to offer the best fish possible.

Our fish selection is referenced at FishChoice

Our codfish and yellowfin tuna are rated Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

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