Primizie Foods

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  • 2 Cooked Boudin Blanc (white sausage) with apples on a plate

    Boudin Blanc – White Sausage

  • 2 boudin noir - butifarra cooked with potatoes and salad

    Boudin Noir – Butifarra

  • Brown Crab crab - Buey de mar already cooked

    Buey De Mar – Brown Crab

  • Chisterra sausage with bread

    Chistorra Sausage

  • cooked galician mussels with wine and herbs

    Cooked Galician Mussels Half Shell

  • Day-Boat hake loin with asparagus and sauce

    Day-Boat hake loin

  • Duck legs confit with beans and wine sauce

    Duck Leg Confit

  • East Atlantic and day boat Monkfish with potatoes, carrots, lemon and parsley

    East Atlantic Monkfish

  • Cooked Galician Berberecho in a ceramic plate

    Galician Berberecho

  • Goose barnacles on a plate precedes

    Goose barnacles

  • Mediterranean clams with spaghetti and parsley

    Mediterranean Clams – Almeja Fina – Vongola Veraci

  • Mediterranean Galera Shrimp mantis shrimp from the Mediterranean with linguine and italian sauce on a plate

    Mediterranean Galera Shrimp – Pannocchia

  • Mediterranean Wild Sardines Grilled on a plate

    Mediterranean Wild Sardines

  • Pasteis de Nata from the Mediterranean on a plate

    Pasteis de Nata

  • Sale! Pimientos de Padrón cooked in a terracota bol with salt and olive oil

    Pimientos de Padrón

  • Saucisses Merguez, Merguez sausages with a couscous

    Saucisses Merguez – Sausages

  • Authentic Spanish omelette with potatoes

    Spanish Omelette

  • delicious traditionnal cooking chorizo grilled

    Traditional Cooking Chorizo

  • Zamburinas scalop in shell raw on a plate with parsley

    Zamburiñas – Scalop in half shell

  • Fried Calamari Rings from the mediterranean

    Calamari Rings

  • Dessert idea available, the creme brulee

    Crème Brulée

  • Cod Brandade Croquette from the mediterranean

    Croquettes – 1.1lbs

  • cuttlefish from the mediterranean


  • 3 French Macarons

    French assorted Macarons – 12pcs

  • French Crepes with strawberries and minth leaf

    French Crepes

  • French Escargots with olive oil and garlic

    French Escargots – 12units

  • Branzino, European Sea Bass - lubina, grilled with vegetables

    Estuary Branzino – Lubina – European Sea Bass

  • Natural Day boat dover fish served in a New York Restaurant

    French Sole, Day Boat, Wild – 15-20oz

  • gulas de aguinaga on bread toast and sunny side egg

    Gulas de Aguinaga – 5.25oz

  • Sale! Iberico pork from the mediterranean

    Iberico Pork Belly Skin Off – Panceta – 2lbs

  • Cooked iberico pork secreto with puree and peppers

    Iberico Pork Secreto – 1lb

  • Two nice piece of iberico prok grilled

    Iberico Pork Shoulder Loin – Pluma – 1lb

  • Iberico pork ribs from the mediterranean

    Iberico Pork Spare Ribs

  • Roasted Iberico pork tenderloin sliced on a cuting board

    Iberico Pork Tenderloin – Solomillo – 1lb

  • 3 Langoustine Day Boat from norway

    Langoustine – Wild

  • All natural Mediterranean boquerones from our fish market

    Mediterranean Anchovies Fillets – Wild

  • Mediterranean Coquina Clams with pasta

    Mediterranean Coquina Clams – 8.8oz

  • Sale! White Anchovies Fillets served in New York

    Marinated Anchovies Fillets

  • Mushroom Mix Porcini from spain cooked in a pan

    Porcini Mushroom Mix – 2.2lbs

  • Red Shrimp Shell On grilled on a cutting board

    Red Shrimp – Easy Peel – Wild

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