Our Vegetables Selection

Our vegetables are grown in and imported from Spain and France, and are a source of pride for us.

We select our vegetables specifically to be of the highest quality, unique, and authentic to the Mediterranean region. We offer the perfect mushrooms to complement your meal and unique artichokes from the best area in Spain. We also have many kinds of beans from France and Spain that would be the highlight of any dish.

Our Wild Mushroom Selection

Available all year round, our delicious wild mushrooms are individually quick- frozen (IQF) and retain as much rich flavor and oils as fresh ones.

These mushrooms are collected in season, sorted, graded, hand cleaned, and IQF. Frozen mushrooms retain as much flavor as fresh, and unlike dry mushrooms, frozen ones do not need to be re-hydrated.

Mushroom mix porcini

Porcini Whole

Diced Porcini

Artichokes from Spain

Our artichokes from Navarra, Spain are harvested, trimmed, and turned by hand, then blanched and individually quick frozen (IQF). We do not use added citric acid so our artichoke taste better than other canned products.Â

The artichokes are delicious when fried and served as a tapa, or as a part of a dish like tuna salad, ratatouille, or any savory filling.

Artichokes Hearts Recipe available here.

Artichokes hearts confited in oil

Artichokes hearts with stem

Artichokes quarters

Artichokes bottom

Our Bean Selection

Our bean selection is easy to prepare and , stable in price. The beans we offer have an excellent and fresh consistency and a maximum flavor yield. We offer different varieties of beans from France and Spain that will allow you to prepare authentic French and Spanish dishes.

Our beans are all natural, GMO-free, and grown in the most sustainable way possible. They go very well with our Iberico pork !

String beans from France

Yellow beans from France

Brittany blend from France

Extra fine peas from France

Peeled Fava beans from Spain

Asturias Fava Beans From Spain

Our Vegetables from France and Spain Unboxed

Many chefs are including our vegetables in their menus all over the U.S. As you can see, our vegetables are becoming the stars of some restaurants around the country. We are proud to be able to bring what the best chefs are looking for.

Our Vegetable Certifications

All of our vegetables are guaranteed GMO-free, 100% natural, not ionized, and authentic from France and Spain.

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