Our Selection of Wild Shrimp from the Mediterranean

We work closely with local fisherman to source delicious wild shrimp and langoustines, ensuring the best quality, freshness, and availability all year long. We specialize in sourcing the best wild shrimp from Mediterranean waters from fishermen who respect the seafloor, sea life and the environment. We offer the world famous Gamba de palamos, wild red shrimp, and day boat langoustines.

Our unique selection of the finest shrimp and prawn from the Mediterranean will allow you to prepare delicious Mediterranean dishes for your family and friends.

Gamba de Palamós or Palamós Red Shrimp

Aristeus antennatus
The gamba de Palamós or Palamós red shrimp traditionally has been fished off the Palamós coast and in other nearby Catalan coastal towns such as Balnes, Arenys de Mar, and Roses. Sustainably harvested, these delicious shrimp are considered the best in the world. It has an intense red color and is valued for its fine, firm, and tasty meat.

Carabinero Shrimp

Plesiopenaeus Edwardsianus
These are considered the crown jewel of the shrimp world. They are known for their flavorful juice contained in their heads that are released upon cooking, adding robust and unique seafood essence to your dishes, sauces and creams.

Be careful to not misstake the Carabinero shrimp with the famous Gamba de Palamós. Often misstaken we arote a blog post about it, click below to learn the differences in between the species.

Wild Red Shrimp or gamba langostinera

Pleoticus Muelleri

Wild red shrimp are big and beautiful, with a unique, naturally tinted red hue. They are fresh, sweet, and robust. People say that the texture and flavor are like lobster. They are a delicious upgrade to any shrimp recipe, perfect for shrimp cocktail or garlic shrimp.
Wild red shrimp are naturally red when they are raw and they cook in half the time of more common shrimp. They provide an incredible shrimp experience, even for the seasoned seafood lover.
We carry peeled, de-veined, tail-on, tail-off as well as shell on, head-off, and head-on red shrimp.

Day Boat Langoustines / Norway Lobster

Nephrops Norvegieus

We catch our day boat langoustines (Norway lobster) in the pristine waters off Barra, an island in Scotland. They are flash frozen the very same day they are caught. The meat is sweet and firm and they are truly a European delicacy.
Pairing well with lemon and fresh herbs, Norway lobster is a delicious seafood dish. It can be prepared in many different cooking styles, such as grilled, boiled, and sautéed, or used in seafood fillings.

Our Shrimp from the Mediterranean Unboxed

Our products are used in the best restaurants in the country. Star chefs trust in theq high quality of our products and cook them to perfection.
You can use our shrimp from the Mediterranean in a multiple ways, and it will be beautiful, delicate, and tasty every time.

Our Shrimp from the Mediterranean Selection Certification

In order to bring you the best Mediterranean food products, we work with local fishermen who know the best fishing grounds. As a guarantee of the quality of our products, our shrimp carries certifications of its high quality.

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