Gambas de Palamós, the best shrimp in the World !

May 31, 2019Shrimp

Gambas de Palamós

Did you know that gambas de Palamós or Shrimp from Palamós is the best in the world ?
So good that people even suck the juice out of the heads and shells, ensuring that they savour every last morsel.
In this article we will present to you this famous shrimp.

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Why is gamba de Palamós the best shrimp the world?

How do I know I am getting authentic gambas de Palamós?

The natural environment of Palamós shrimp

 If you want to try gamba de Palamós for yourself

Some cooking Tips for the shrimp of Palamós

Why is gamba de Palamós the best shrimp the world?

Palamós shrimp is highly valued because of its amazing flavor and texture, the result of the pristine environment in which the shrimp live. The traditions and commitment of Palamós fishermen ensure a consistently high quality.

You can find these shrimp in the most prestigious restaurants in the Mediterranean region and around the world. Simply cooked “a la plancha” or in many other preparations, their succulent amazing flavor is not to be missed.

Gambas de Palamós live in the Mediterranean on the Palamós coast in Catalunya.These large shrimp of a beautiful pearly red are distinguished from red prawns (called “carabineros”) by their more delicate and sweet, almost vanilla, taste.

Their flesh, more crisp than that of lobster, can be eaten raw, with salt and a drop of olive oil. But the iodized flavors of the sea are concentrated miraculously in their head, a delicious, natural bisque (soup) which can be sucked out between your two fingers (after removing the shell) or with the help of a straw.

How do I know I am getting authentic gambas de Palamós?

Shrimp from Palamós is called gamba de Palamós in Spanish, gambero viola in Italian, and crevette de Palamós in French.
This kind of shrimp is a product of prestige recognized throughout the world. Palamós City Council and the Fishermen’s Confraternity have been promoting the Gamba Palamós Guarantee Brand since 2007 with the aim of ensuring the traceability of the product, increasing consumer confidence, increasing the value of shrimp, and protecting the resource.
The Gamba Palamós Guarantee Brand is also a tribute to the efforts that generation after generation of fishermen of the village of Palamós have made to preserve the value of the shrimp.
The measurements included in the regulation of the guarantee mark ensure the maximum quality of the product in terms of taste, aroma, appearance, and freshness throughout the entire production and commercial chain. An external certification company verifies the compliance of the measurements in all those users who want to certify their company.

At the Lonja (fish market) de Palamós, every landed shrimp item is rigorously examined before the certified product label is applied.

The natural environment of Palamós shrimp

Palamós shrimp live in a rocky sea canyon that runs for three miles along the coast of the fishing town of Palamós, off San Sebastian cape, with clean, clear waters and rich biodiversity.

Gamba de Palamós is a jewel of the Mediterranean coast that is protected and cared for to ensure the sustainability of the species. Fishing this shrimp is strictly regulated, requiring special fishing gear, certifications and special authorization. In the town of Palamós there are only nine trawlers practicing the specialized shrimp fishing required to fish gamba de Palamós.

Click on this link to see the gamba de Palamós in its natural environment

Try gamba de Palamós for yourself

Gamba de Palamós is a prestigious shrimp, crispier and tastier than langoustines, that can be cooked in a multitude of ways. Its exceptional taste and texture and inspires great chefs and seafood lovers alike.

We suggest you try it for yourself! If you want even more information about the gamba de Palamos, feel free to check out this article who give additional information.

Cooking tips for gamba de Palamós

Gambas de Palamós has a very strong flavor. It is very easy to eat or cook. You can cook it like you would cook regular shrimp.

You can cook the shrimp different ways : Grilled, plancha, boiled or fried. The best way to cook gambas de Palamós is plancha or boiled.

The easiest way to eat it is simply with salt and lemon.

Bon appetit!