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Holidays Favorites

  • 3 Langoustine Day Boat from norway

    Langoustine – Wild

  • Brown Crab crab - Buey de mar already cooked

    Buey De Mar – Brown Crab

  • Zamburinas scalop in shell raw on a plate with parsley

    Zamburiñas – Scalop in half shell

  • Goose barnacles on a plate precedes

    Goose barnacles


On Sale Today

  • Sale! Barbecue style of a spanish flower frozen octopus

    Raw Octopus Tentacles – 5lb

  • Sale! Iberico pork rack grilled on a cutting board with tomato and beans

    Iberico Pork Rack – Carre

  • Sale! 6 Mediterranean Red Shrimp from Palamós with lemon and salt

    Mediterranean Red Shrimp – Wild

  • Sale! White Anchovies Fillets served in New York

    Marinated Anchovies Fillets


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Discover Our Mediterranean Specialty Products

Unique food selection of spanish octopus


We are proud to import the best octopus in the world. Our octopus is fished in the southern waters of Spain, Portugal, and North Africa. This super tasty octopus has the finest texture in the world. It is the star of our unique food selection.

We offer more options for high-quality octopus than anyone else in the Mediterranean specialty foods market, which means we are sure to have what you need. Browse our selection to find the perfect type of octopus for your dish.

Iberico pork from the mediterranean

Iberico Pork

Iberico pork is a highlight of our unique food selection. Iberico pork comes from a breed of pig native to the Iberian Peninsula. Unlike the domesticated pig most familiar to us, the Iberian pig is a wild animal with a unique body able to infiltrate a lot of fat into the muscle.

It’s this tasty fat that gives the meat its unique specks, great texture, and juiciness. Browse our selection of Iberico pork, perfect for your next Mediterranean tapas platter or meal.

Carabineros prawns unique food from the mediterranean


We specialize in sourcing the best wild shrimp to include in our unique food selection from around the Mediterranean region. Because we work closely with local fishermen, we can ensure the best shrimp quality, freshness, and availability at any time.

We have premium and unique shrimp that will keep your guests and family delighted.. Our sweet Mediterranean shrimp and delicious bright red Carabinero shrimp are just two of the unique specialties we offer that bring something different, delicious, and unforgettable to your table. Browse our selection of delicious wild shrimp.

tuna from the mediterranean


We have access to the finest fishing grounds in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean allowing us to . import the freshest seafood.

To meet our goal of sustainability we offer only authentic wild fish that fishers catch and handle with care and respect. Our range of natural Atlantic cod, anchovies, Dover sole, yellow fin tuna, and much more will amaze your guests. Our seafood is part of our unmatched unique food selection, all well-prepared and made readily available to meet your most exacting standards. Browse our selection of the finest Mediterranean and Atlantic fish.

Cuttlefish from the mediterranean on ice with lemon and vegetables

Squid & Cuttlefish

We import the most tender squid and cuttlefish from the Mediterranean. Because they come cleaned and individually quick frozen (IQF), they are ready to use many different dishes and cooking styles.

Our Mediterranean squid and cuttlefish products are among the best quality you can find in the USA, full of flavor and easy to use. We are proud to supply some of the best restaurants around the country with our high-quality Mediterranean specialties as part of. our in-depth unique food selection. Browse our full selection of squid and cuttlefish to find the perfect preparation to elevate your dish, tapas platter, or meal.

Artichokes From The Mediterranean


As part of our large unique food selection we bring you the freshest Mediterranean vegetables, such as delicious artichokes from Murcia and the famous fava beans of Asturias.

Our wide variety of vegetable options is just one of the ways we provide you the quality and the choices you want, at the moment you need them.

We strive to provide consistently high-quality, unique food coupled with a refreshing taste. Browse our large variety of unique vegetables to complement your next Mediterranean-inspired meal.

escargots from the mediterranean

Mediterranean Specialties

As the starting point of our unique food selection, we offer a delicious range of Mediterranean seafood specialties. We have delicious bites such as the popular chanquete (silver fish), gulas (mock elver eels), and tasty croquetas.

Delight your guests with traditional, authentic Mediterranean bites, finger foods, and other yummy party dishes, prepared with skill and filled with flavor. Browse our full selection of mouth-watering specialties.

macaron from the mediterranean


What meal would be complete without dessert?

Our delicious line of French and Spanish desserts top off our unique food selection and are guaranteed to make your life sweet.

Included in our dessert offerings are the famous Tarta de Santiago, the French crème brûlée, and amazing chocolate lava cakes. Browse our selection of tasty desserts to find the perfect one with which to end your meal.

Who We Are

mmmediterranean unique food selection

mmmediterranean / Sun Rice Corp is a leading importer and distributor of high-quality food from the Mediterranean shores. We carefully choose the best vendors and products to ensure a constant and steady supply of high-end seafood, vegetables, and desserts to satisfy the most gourmet palates. From our base in New Jersey we supply our unique food selection to distributors all over the USA. Located on the East Coast, we have been established in the market since 1998.

Our company specializes in the import of high quality frozen seafood bringing the fresh taste and fine texture for which the Mediterranean region is known directly to the U.S. Because of this our products can be found in the best restaurants from New York to Seattle. They are also chosen by some of the best chefs as a staple product in their kitchens.

Over the years we have introduced many specialties to the U.S. gourmet foods market,, including the amazing Spanish day boat octopus, the delicious carabinero shrimp, the day oat langoustines, and the tasty Dover sole. We have become one of the largest Spanish octopus importers in the USA. In fact, we have a wide range of octopus products covering different price ranges and preparation options, including tenderized octopus, cooked octopus, headless, and raw tentacles only. We also carry meat, vegetables, fruits, and many other classic and traditional Mediterranean foods.

What We Do

We select our products around the Mediterranean area.

We import them to the US.
We store them in our warehouse in New-Jersey.
We deliver them to our customers all around the US.

For star chefs and star restaurants.

Or for our online store customers!

Unique food selection of Seafood, Meat and Vegetables

Why Choose Us


Unique Quality Product

Every day we are proud to supply the most famous chefs in the country with high-quality Mediterranean specialty foods. We work hard for this honor by ensuring the high quality of every product we sell. Our products are all natural and wild, without preservatives, chemicals, or dyes.

We believe everyone should have access to the freshest Mediterranean foods, so we also offer you the very same food that great chefs use on a daily basis for you to try in your own kitchen.


Excellent Service

Our team is happy to meet your needs as thoroughly and quickly as possible. We consider each customer to be a part of our history.

Thus, we want to make sure that mmmediterranean is giving you the best possible experience. We will assist you from your first contact until you have our unique food selection on your plate.

Competitive Price

We would like you to enjoy high-quality Mediterranean specialty foods at a competitive price.

We work with local companies in the Mediterranean region and negotiate the best deals, which allows us to source the finest, freshest products and offer them to you at the best possible price.

They Love Our Products

The quality, consistency and endless search for new ingredients makes mmmediterranean a unique purveyor for high-quality Spanish ingredients in the whole country.

I am now able to find all those unique products that I used to miss so much in my kitchen.

Chef Luis Bollo

Salinas Restaurant - New York

When opening my restaurants in NYC there were limited options for quality products from the Mediterranean proper for my Italian kitchen.

This all change when I started using mmmediterranean. They have the best octopus in the city, a unique food selection and I also love the wild shrimp or new Iberico pork line.

Chef Riccardo Buitoni

Aurora Restaurant - New York

Thank you so much mmmediterranean, you guys really provide us with quality products that have made my job as a busy chef much easier!

Chef Niccolo Simone

Tarallucci Nomad - New York

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