Chorizo, the thing you must know!

Jul 20, 2021Meat

The things you must know about Chorizo

The Chorizo sausage is one of the most famous sausages in the world. The spiciness and the fact that you can find it in tons of different recipes has helped make this tapas so well known.

In this post we discuss the history of chorizo, the different varieties, how to cook and eat it, sustainability, and some surprising tricks.

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Would you like to know more about this famous sausage? Keep reading!

The sausage’s history

Chorizo sausage comes from Spain and Portugal (it is called “chouriço” in portugese). It was created in the peninsula iberica; same as the famous Iberico pork.
It is made with pork or beef meat, and is seasoned with salt and Spanish “pimenton”; which is a paprika variety that gives the sweet taste and the red color.

chorizo sausages on a plate
Well known for a few centuries, nowadays, many countries make their own. Actually, in Spain, every region makes it in a different way.

You can find chorizo in Germany, Hungary, France and obviously in South America.

Legend has it that King Charles IV in the XVII century met a peasant during a hunting game.
The Peasant gave him chorizo and King Charles loved it so much that he made him the official provider of the court, making the chorizo instantly famous.

What kinds of Chorizo can you find?

There are very many different chorizos in Spain and around the world. Every area or location has made its own little tweak, making each variety unique to that specific location.

This sausage, like ham, can be bought raw, cooked or dried cured.

Depending on how you want to eat it or what your favorite chorizo recipe calls for.

How To Eat it ?

The first consideration is what kind of chorizo you plan to eat and in what way or recipe.

Usually, in Spain, dried cured chorizo is eaten in sandwiches or as a tapa. Like other dried sausages, it is a great item to share with friends as an appetizer.

If you buy it raw or cooked, you can also prepare it in many different ways. It is a great sausage to grill, cook a la plancha, or sautee. In the US, it is added to paella, lentil and split pea soups, stews, casseroles like fabada Asturiana, or simply as a topping on pizza.

Chorizo is especially good with eggs, like in huevos a la Riojana, or in a nice simple omelette.

The flavorful taste of the meat and paprika can go very well with any kind of dish.

delicious traditionnal cooking chorizo grilled
Mini chorizo cooked on bread and anchovies
pizza slices one a plate

How to keep it: Preservation of Chorizo

Grilled Chorizo sausage gets dry fast if you keep it outside. The best way to preserve it is in the fridge so the drying process takes longer.

However, if you like it when it is dry, feel free to do so!

Grilled chorizo can be preserved for up to 2 months in the fridge, or up to 2 years if you keep it frozen. But we all know that if you get one, it will never last that long.

Tips and tricks

Always make little cuts on the skin of the sausage before cooking.

Never substitute Spanish chorizo with Mexican ones; they taste and behave differently while cooking. As it was mentioned before, recipes differ depending on the country, so if a recipe tells you to use a Spanish one, it is best to use a Spanish one!

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