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Difference between blue lobster and Maine lobster

May 13, 2021Lobster

What is the difference between blue lobster and Maine lobster?

Do you know the Difference Between Blue Lobster and Maine (American) Lobster?

In this article we will shed some light on this widely asked question, “What is the difference between blue lobster and Maine lobster?” Whether in Europe or the U.S., a lot of people wonder what the difference is between the two.

If you live in the United States, you are more than likely familiar with Maine lobster, also called “American Lobster,” or Homarus americanus. Anybody who has traveled to the northeastern states of the New England area has probably tried it.

On the other hand, if you are from Europe or have traveled there, you probably know that on the other side of the Atlantic there is another kind of Lobster called “the blue lobster,” or Homarus gammarus.

But besides the obvious difference in color (blue or red), what is the difference between these two lobsters?

That is what we will answer below!

Physical differences between blue lobster and Maine lobster

Blue Lobster / European Lobster

As indicated in its name, the European lobster is blue while alive, but turns as red as the American lobster when cooked. Blue lobster also has white and black dots faintly visible through the blue on its shell.

The head of the European lobster has more “teeth” on his “nose,” which is the main difference between the American and European lobster. Other than that their heads are similar.

In terms of size, they are identical.

picture of raw Blue lobster and raw Maine lobster

Maine Lobster / American Lobster

American lobster has a greenish gold color on the top of his body and orange on the lower part of it. You can see in the photo above the difference in terms of color.
The American lobster’s coloring is more red compared to the European lobster.

The claws of the American or Maine lobster are larger and flatter than those of the European lobster. This is another big difference between the two animals.

Finally, the shell of the American lobster is thinner. If you have both lobsters in front of you and you press on the shells, the American lobster will give a little under your finger. This doesn’t happen with the European lobster shell.

Different fishing areas and prices of Maine vs. blue lobster

Fishing Areas

The blue lobster or European lobster is mostly fished in the northeastern region of the Atlantic, on the coast of Brittany, Normandy, Ireland and Scotland, as well as a few other areas in the north east Atlantic Ocean and the Manche Sea.

Maine lobster is fished in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, around the Canadian and American coasts of the New England region. New England is famous for its lobster.

Usually, European lobster meat contains less water because once it is fished, it is not kept in tanks. American Maine lobsters are sometimes kept for months in tanks before being delivered.

Fishing Methods

Blue lobster is not as plentiful as Maine lobster, and the fishing regulations for European lobster are more restricted. Blue lobster must be a certain size to be fished and fishermen have to fish them with hands or cages in order to preserve the seafloor and the environment.

Maine lobster or American lobster fishing has no restrictions. Maine lobster is plentiful and they reproduce faster, so fishermans are free to fish however they want, usually using cages or nets.

Learn more about traditional fishing techniques around the world on this page.


As European lobster is more rare due to lower population and fishing restrictions as well as the need to use traditional fishing techniques, the cost of a Blue lobster is twice as high as that of American or Maine lobster. Blue lobster is about $30 a pound whereas American lobster is about $15 a pound.

Prices vary depending on the seasons and amount available.

Taste and texture differences between blue lobster and Maine lobster


The meat of the blue lobster is firmer than that of the American lobster because it contains less water. Maine lobster has more of a “melt in your mouth” texture due to the water it retains.


In terms of taste, the American lobster is fished in deeper, sometimes muddier, water which makes the taste less pronounced. If you are not a seafood lover, you might want to try Maine lobster over blue lobster.

As opposed to Maine lobster, the taste of the European lobster is more flavorful, with a stronger sea flavor. This is because it is fished in more shallow areas, in between rocks and corrals. If you really love seafood, your palate may appreciate the blue lobster more.

European blue lobster dish on a plate
European blue lobster roll


Both American (Maine) and European (blue) lobster are delicious. The main differences they have are the color, the location and methods with which they are fished, the price, the taste, and their textures.

We love both and can’t say for sure if one is better than the other. We suggest you try both to determine for yourself which you prefer. It depends a lot on what you like and what you are used to eating. Some people like the Maine Lobster more while others prefer the Blue lobster and its stronger taste.

What can also help you choose is the regulations in place for fishing in Europe, which has a strict standard for lobsters.

In any case, the most important aspect to consider is the taste, and for that there is only one way to know which you prefer: try both!

You can buy blue Lobster / European lobster in our store and get Maine lobster just about anywhere in the U.S.

If you do the test, let us know what you think!

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