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Do you know every variety of cured Salmon?

Mar 2, 2022Fish, Knowledge

Learn about the different salmon styles.

If you want to learn about the different varieties of cured salmon, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will talk about lox, nova lox, and smoked salmon; helping to familiarize you with the similarities and differences. You will also learn the difference between hot and cold smoked salmon. If you’re a lover of silky, salty, and flavorful cold cured fish, you will want to keep reading!

Similarities and differences of cured salmon

While lox, Nova, and Smoked Salmon are all delicious in their own right, they also have their own differences that set them apart from one another. In this article, we will discuss what makes each style of salmon unique. This way, when you are in the fish aisle picking up an appetizer for your next soirée, you will have this knowledge behind you helping you to decide

Lox style Salmon

One of the main factors that sets loxs apart from smoked salmon is the way in which it’s preserved; rather than being smoked, lox is saturated in a very salty water mixture. This delicious fish originated in Scandinavia, the place in which this preservation method was discovered.
Salmon Slices in a burger
As you probably already know, it was made famous in New York City through jewish cuisine. Due to its extremely salty nature, lox tastes best when it sits atop a fresh warm NYC bagel paired with some delicious cream cheese. Well, I guess that’s debatable, but if you’ve ever been lucky enough to enjoy this tasty breakfast, you might agree.

Nova Style Salmon

Can you guess the origin of this fish based on its name? That’s right! This Canadian preserved salmon is from the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. Considering this north east province is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, it’s no surprise that fish and seafood are incredibly important to their cuisine. Salmon is no exception, and Nova Scotia has plenty.
Salmon nova style with dill and lemon
Sometimes referred to as “nova lox,” this form of preserved salmon is quite similar to its Scandinavian counterpart. That being said, it is cured, and the main difference lies in the fact that the brining mixture contains far less salt. Despite being from Canada, this fish can be enjoyed all over the world, especially in New York City! Nova lox can enhance your brunching experience by sitting atop your eggs benedict or adding some flavor to your salad! It is commonly paired with lemon, cream cheese, and dill to make a great party appetizer.

Smoked Salmon Style

Smoked salmon is probably the most well known form of cold preserved salmon. That being said, smoked salmon can actually be hot smoked as a method of preservative. This means that the salmon is smoked at 145 degrees or more for about eight hours. Before refrigerators were invented around the early 20th century, people used these methods to insure that their fish wouldn’t go bad.
chorizo sausages on a plate
Unlike cold smoking, hot smoking actually cooks the fish and creates a dry and less flavorful texture. Cold smoking, on the other hand, requires the smoke to be around 70-75 degrees. While this doesn’t cook the fish, it creates a soft delicate texture with a ton of flavor. compared to the early Greek, Roman, and even Native American cultures that utilized these methods, we have discovered new and innovative ways to provide even more protection against spoilage and microorganism bacteria.

Nowadays, people still continue to enjoy this delicious and flavorful fish, regardless of whether or not they have refrigerators. 

What you should remember about cured Salmon

Now that you have become acquainted with the different types of cured salmon, the next step is giving them a try! Even if you already know what they taste like, there’s no harm in giving your testbeds a little reminder. If you want to try the best quality fish straight from Europe, you can check out our website (here). We can also provide you with the highest quality (lox), (cold smoked salmon), and (hot smoked salmon). Give them a try, and tell us in the comment section what you think!

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