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Iberico Pork from Spain

Iberico pork is known world-wide for giving us delicious cured ham, but wait until you taste it grilled! Try our different Iberico pork cuts to delight you and your guests with their delicious flavor and tenderness.

We are proud to bring Iberico pork, available only from Spain, to the USA. Iberico pork comes from Iberian pigs, special due to their diet and where the live and graze. You have never tried anything like it before.

Iberico Pork Cuts

Our Iberico pork goes through a strict selection process that includes five stages of selection control: authenticity, quality, innovation, food safety, and traceability. This ensures the quality of our products and aligns with our commitment to providing only the best quality foods from the Mediterranean region.

First, our Iberico pork is authentic according to Iberico Quality Norm (RD 1469/2007 dated 2nd November 2007).

Second, we select the pork through our process of genetic progress. Our Iberico pork comes only from pigs that are from 100% pure Iberian mother sows, ensuring the best quality Iberico pork.

Third, our pork comes from pigs that have the best feeding. We feed our Iberian pigs natural cereal and legume-based hay. We also make the ideal feed for our animals based on their special needs.

Fourth, we ensure the animals’s comfort. We breed our Iberian pigs in a balanced environment. We respect and allow the natural development of the species. They are also in open-air farms where the animals can move and improve the process of infiltration of fat naturally.

Finally, we use only the best facilities that respect Spanish tradition and production processes. We take the time to get a great product naturally . Our facilities are based in Guijuelo, one of the most famous locations for Iberico pork with the highest quality standards.

Pluma – Shoulder loin

Presa – Shoulder steak

Secreto Extra – Shoulder muscle

Solomillo – Tenderloin

Carre – Pork rack

Pancetta – Pork belly

Spare Ribs

Why is Iberico pork so tasty ?

The Iberian pig is a breed native to the Iberian Peninsula. It is surprisingly different than the white pig. In fact, it is a wild animal with a unique body able to infiltrate a lot of fat into the muscle. This tasty fat gives the meat its special smear, great texture, and juiciness.

Our efforts toward the progress, care, and selection of the best diet allow our animals to have a high level of oleic acid in their fat, providing a healthier and higher-quality product.

Our Iberico Pork from Spain Unboxed

Authentic Spanish Iberico pork brings something special to many restaurants’s customers in the USA. Many chefs in New York use our Iberico pork and put it on their restaurant menu. As you can see, it is beautiful and delicious.

Our Iberico Pork Certifications

Because of the care we put into choosing our products, our Iberico pork is sustainable, wild, and 100% natural. It also has the authentic certification of Iberian product to ensure that you are buying the real product.

Our Iberico Pork is an authentic Iberian certified product according to Iberico Quality Norm : RD 1469/2007 dated November 2nd 2007.

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