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Fresh salsa stuffed clams

Jun 15, 2022Recipes

How to make a Fresh salsa stuffed clams

Let’s talk about our fresh salsa stuffed clams recipe!

Are you looking for a delicious new seafood recipe with some Spanish flare? If so, then these salsa stuffed clams are for you! The fresh summery ingredients in this dish will make you feel as though you are sitting on a beach overlooking the Mediterranean!

If you are looking for clams to use for this recipe, we have some of the best available on the market! Check out our five different varieties and see which one you’d like to try! All our clams come straight from the mediterranean area, and are frozen to preserve freshness.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn a great recipe that will bring out the superb flavor of our clams.

Delicious fresh salsa stuffed clams

The Cooking

2 people, 30 minutes


1 Diced Apple
1 Diced Onion
1 Diced Tomato
Lime Juice
Salted Water
Choped cilantro
Soybean sprout
Olive oil
Salt-Pepper to taste


1.Dice the vegetables.
2.Make a salad with it and season with salt pepper and lime juice.
3.Cook the clams into salted water.
4.Cover the pot and cook until the clams are open.
5.Take a spoon and stuff the clams with the salad.
6.Add some cilantro, soybean sprout and olive oil.

Watch time: 35sec

Where to find the products

This recipe consists mainly of fresh vegetables, which are best found at your local farmers market. That being said, everything should be easy to find at your local grocery store as well. We recommend using roma tomatoes for salsa. As for the clams, they can be found here on our website, along with a description so that you can learn about each variety.
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