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Refund and Returns Policy

Returns Policy

We take the policy of “the customer is always right” to another level. If anyone is not happy with their order for any reason, we will work with the customer to fix the problem. Sometimes this means a partial refund, full refund, and/or replacement. Here at mmmediterranean, we promise that every customer will be happy with their experience.

We 100% guarantee that all our products, perishable and non-perishable, will arrive in the best quality and conditions. Any items you deem unsatisfactory due to damage or freshness can be replaced free of charge, fully or partially refunded. However, please note there is a 30 day complaint policy since we want to make sure that the product was actually in bad shape when the customer received it.

Please do not discard any items you wish to file a complaint about and please refrigerate any perishable goods until we can properly respond and instruct as to the next steps.

Please contact us first about your complaint to get approval. If an incorrect address has been submitted to us the customer will be held liable if their order is returned back to us. If this situation occurs the order will be processed as a return and the order will be refunded minus the shipping cost and a 15% fee. Any perishable orders that have been damaged because the customer didn’t pick it up on time at his door will not be refunded. Please be attentive when your orders go out and be sure to always track your package as it ships.

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