Our Spanish Octopus Selection

We are proud to import the best-tasting Spanish octopus in the world from the southern waters off Spain, Portugal, and North Africa. It is one of the stars of our products selection.

In keeping with our goal of offering the best quality of products at the best prices, we work with trustworthy suppliers who specialize in unique Mediterranean foods.

Raw Spanish Octopus Products

Day Boat Spanish Octopus

Spanish Octopus Day Boat on a white background
Pulpo de playa (octopus) is fished by local day boats off the coast of Spain. It is caught by the traditional and sustainable method called pot fishing. We offer convenient and easy-to-use raw octopus in a large variety of sizes, all individually quick frozen (IQF) for maximum freshness. We also offer IQF Spanish day boat octopus tentacles that reduce preparation and cooking time and are easier to store.

 “Freeze on Board” Spanish Octopus

Spanish Octopus Day Boat on a white background

Costa del Sol octopus is a carefully selected “freeze on board” Spanish octopus that has been fished off the coasts of Spain and Portugal and frozen immediately after catching for maximum freshness. This octopus is then thawed, cleaned, and selected under strict quality standards so that you receive only the best of the best.

Available in a variety of sizes, our Spanish “freeze on board” octopus is a great way to have authentic Spanish food in your kitchen.

Tenderized Flower Spanish Octopus

Frozen Spanish Flower Octopus

The Spanish “flower” octopus has been tenderized using a natural process without additives or chemicals that breaks down the muscles of the octopus to make it tender and delicious, and curled-up as a flower. You can store our frozen flower octopus for up to two years. Additional time in the freezer further tenderizes the octopus.

Raw Spanish Octopus Tentacles

Spanish Day Boat Octopus raw tentacles tray

Our amazing Day boat octopus tentacles, already cut and ready to cook. No more hassle and waste in the kitchen, you can now use everything you have from this tray. Removed by craft methods right after the octopus is brought back to the facilities.
You know exactly what you buy, how much you will have with a great cost control. 

You get what you will cook !

Raw Spanish baby octopus

3 units of baby octopus
Our raw Spanish baby octopus comes from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. This high quality baby octopus is cleaned for you, making it a convenient choice for restaurant chefs or home cooks alike. Once caught, the baby octopuses immediately are cleaned and flash frozen to preserve the taste and texture of this superior product. This method results in tender, flavorful octopus that comes to you ready to grill and add to your favorite recipes, or to eat on its own after frying. Baby octopus makes a delicious addition to pasta dishes of all kinds.

Cooked Spanish Octopus Products

Whole cooked Spanish octopus

One unit of Whole Octopus cooked from Spain
Our range of cooked octopuses starts with the whole octopus. Our whole octopus comes to you cleaned, cooked, and then frozen so you can store it for months in your freezer. Thaw it and reheat it as needed to create delicious Mediterranean dishes whenever you’d like. With octopus on hand you can boil it, grill it, fry it, or even eat it as soon as it is thawed, to add wonderful flavor to an endless number of dishes. The quality of octopus from this region is well known. It’s a convenient product that saves you prep time and allows you to create a wide variety of octopus recipes on demand.

Cooked Spanish Octopus tentacles

Tray with 12 spanish octopus tentacles (cooked)
Our delicious day boat octopus tentacles, cooked to perfection by craft methods, remove waste and hassle from your kitchen. They provide the perfect solution for knowing the exact portion served on each plate, every time. You get only the best of each octopus within the same weight range which you can unfreeze one by one, as needed. You can count on uniform appearance and exceptional taste and texture.

Cooked Spanish octopus tentacles, sliced

tray of Sliced Spanish Octopus Tentacles (cooked)
Another of the products in our cooked Spanish octopus range is cooked and sliced octopus tentacles. Cooked and sliced tentacles is the perfect product to have on hand when you want the least hassle in the kitchen as possible. You’ll get the same high-quality Spanish day boat octopus, just cooked and sliced for you, ready for a quick meal or appetizer. You just have to thaw it, season it, then saute it or grill it for a delicious and fast meal. You can also eat it as is, or add it to salads or pastas. The possibilities are endless!

What people do with our Spanish octopus

Thank you to the star chefs in New York City and all over the USA who like the quality of our products and have made these beautiful dishes with them. We are proud that the best restaurants give us their trust by using our products in their kitchen.

Our Octopus Certifications

We work hard on our product selection process to have the highest quality possible. Our octopus selection has certifications that guarantee their quality. More information about our certifications:

All our octopus are all referenced at FishChoice

Our octopus is all rated Good Alternative by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

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