Why is frozen octopus better ?

Jun 7, 2019Octopus

Frozen Octopus

It might be surprising, but frozen octopus is better than a fresh octopus. The process doesn’t change the flavor, on top of that, it breaks the fibers which make it more tender. In this article we will explain to you why is it better and we will explain the different kinds of octopus you can find.

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Why is it better than fresh?

What kind of octopus can I find?

Worth the try!

Few cooking tips

Why is it better than fresh?

Cooking and preparing frozen octopus always results in a better, tastier dish. Even if you buy an octopus freshly caught, it is best to freeze it for a couple of days before eating it. The freezing process breaks down the fibers inside the octopus, making it more tender and easier to cook, and giving it the best texture. Freezing also means you can store the octopus for a longer time while retaining its fresh taste.
The highest quality octopus will be caught and cleaned, then go through strict quality control process. They will then be tenderize and IQF (individually quick frozen). If the octopus you buy has followed that process, you have the best chance that your octopus will be good when you eat it.

Once defrosted, you can eat it boiled, grilled, or sauteed.

What kind of frozen octopus can I find?

You have a few options when buying frozen octopus. Most companies will prepare and freeze octopus in these ways:

1/ Whole octopus in a tray

This is a whole octopus, packaged in a tray. It is cleaned and eviscerated, then tenderize.

Usually this kind of octopus is a freeze-on-board octopus, which means it is frozen as soon as it is caught by the fishermen. From the boat it goes to the processing plant where it is defrosted, processed, and frozen once again. This product is less expensive and more abundant than day boat octopus.

Day-boat octopus follows a similar process, the only difference being that it is frozen only once. Day boat octopus comes fresh daily to the auction, and it is taken to the plant fresh. Then it is cleaned, processed, and frozen for the first time. If you want to know more about day boat octopus, check out this link.

2/ Tenderized flower octopus

Tenderize octopus is processed in a different way. The octopus is cleaned, eyes off, beak off, tenderize by pounding it, and then frozen. During this process the octopus tentacles fold back, giving them a rounded form that looks like a flower.

If you would like to know more about tenderizing an octopus and the best way to do it at home, follow this link.

3/ Raw octopus tentacles

You can also find single tentacles packed in trays. The companies selling raw octopus tentacles cut and grade them by size,. then freeze them.

Similar to whole octopus, you can find tentacles from a freeze- on- board octopus or from a day boat octopus.

Buying the tentacles only simplifies the kitchen logistics and cooking, and greatly helps chefs with their portion control and cost calculations.

4/ Cooked octopus tentacles

You can find frozen octopus tentacles already cooked. After processing, the octopus tentacles are cooked and graded by size, packed individually on a tray, and finally frozen.

This is a very helpful way to buy octopus because you are 100% sure that the octopus is tenderize and you only have to defrost and prepare it to your taste. You can slice it, season it, and eat it as is, or you can grill or saute and add it to your favorite dish preparations.

5/ Sliced octopus tentacles

Another option available on the market is cooked and sliced or cut octopus tentacles. They are usually presented in a tray. The tentacles can also be cut from the octopus, cooked, and then sliced. Afterwards, the slices are frozen in a tray.

Octopus provided this way is usually tenderize and cleaned already.Everything is done, you just have to eat it the way you want!

Try frozen octopus

Frozen octopus is a good way to make sure your octopus is tenderize. The texture of frozen octopus will be more tender and tasty for your guests. On top of that, buying frozen octopus allow you to store it longer. And finally, you can find the product you prefer, from the whole octopus to the slices pre-cooked and frozen.

Star chefs and restaurants usually use frozen octopus because they know that the product is usually better once frozen.

We suggest trying it for yourself! Feel free to ask us any question here if you want to know more about frozen octopus.

Few cooking tips

Unfreeze the octopus for a day: take it out from the freezer the morning and you can cook it on the evening.

Boil the octopus until tender and then you can eat it! After boiling it, you can also fry, sautee or grill the octopus.

If you would like more cooking ideas, take a look at this article for 41 different way to eat your octopus.

Bon appetit!