5 Amazing Octopus Recipes

Apr 13, 2021Octopus, Recipes

Check out our 5 Amazing Octopus Recipes

Octopus is one of the most intriguing and special species in the water. If you don’t know anything about octopus, it could be hard to imagine how to eat it. In this article, we will give you five recipes for exquisite dishes that feature octopus.

One of the secrets to preparing a perfectly cooked octopus is to have it tenderized before. Then you can cook it in water. Cook the legs whole and calculate cooking time at about 15-20 minutes per kilo (about 8-10 minutes per pound).

If cooking octopus is not for you, we also sell cooked octopus so you can be sure the octopus is perfectly cooked already.

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5 Amazing Octopus Recipes #1: Exquisitely flavored octopus croquettes

The process for preparing croquettes is always the same, and despite being a bit laborious, if you organize yourself well you will easily get the hang of it. This recipe will ensure you enjoy your homemade croquettes to the fullest. We suggest you prepare extra and freeze them to have a few on hand, ready for any occasion.

See recipe right here.

Octopus croquettes in a plate

Octopus recipe number two: Fresh and light octopus salad

Potato, octopus, and tomato salad is a Mediterranean classic. This recipe is spectacular, highlighting the flavor of the octopus, and is quick to prepare. You can prepare the vinaigrette with whichever herbs you prefer.

View the full recipe on this page.

Octopus salad with potatoes tomatoes parsley olives and red onions

Octopus recipe number 3: Tasty and bold octopus marrana

Even in Galicia they sometimes distance themselves from the traditional octopus ‘á feira’. The octopus recipe that we propose is typical of Almería, where it is usually served as a tapa and is accompanied with fried or stewed potatoes. This recipe is our favorite so far.

We detailed the recipe on this page.

octopus marrana, the octopus with the sauce. in 5 Amazing Octopus Recipes

5 Amazing Octopus Recipes #4: Healthy and nutritious octopus bowl

Hawaiian salads made from diced raw fish, called poke bowls, are an excellent option for a casual meal, but at the same time highly nutritious. This octopus recipe combines a multitude of ingredients such as rice and vegetables with the octopus to make a healthy “island dish.”

Find the full recipe here.

octopus bowl recipe with cucomber, rice, tomatoes, pinapple, onions and avocados

Our last octopus recipe: Delightful grilled octopus with garlic sauce and mashed potatoes

In some areas of Galicia, in addition to the ‘á feira’ octopus, grilled octopus is also traditional. Our octopus recipe combines two preparations of this famous cephalopod.
This is a great summer dish, but you can make it all year long as long as you don’t mind grilling!

See recipe on this page.

Grilled octopus recipe with garlic mashed potatoes in 5 Amazing Octopus Recipes
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