• beautiful spanish flower octopus

    Spanish Flower Octopus

  • Barbecue style of a spanish flower frozen octopus

    Raw Octopus Tentacles – Large

  • Red shrimp from the mediterranean

    Red Shrimp – Head On – Wild

  • 3 Langoustine Day Boat from norway

    Langoustine – Wild – XL

  • cuttlefish from the mediterranean


  • Non-CO yellowfin tuna from the mediterranean, Triple A natural tuna

    CO free Yellowfin Tuna, Wild

  • Natural Day boat dover fish served in a New York Restaurant

    French Sole, Day Boat, Wild – 15-20oz

  • Codfish served in a restaurants from the mediterranean

    Wild Codfish Portions – 6 oz.

  • the best fried anchovies from the mediterranean

    Mediterranean Whole Anchovies

  • Iberico pork from the mediterranean

    Iberico Pork Belly Skin Off – Panceta – 2lbs

  • Iberico pork rack grilled on a cutting board with tomato and beans

    Iberico Pork Rack – Carre

  • Cooked iberico pork secreto with puree and peppers

    Iberico Pork Secreto – 1lb

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